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Forensic Biology

University of Otago

Increasingly, forensic investigations have come to rest on the techniques of forensic biology to provide vital evidence in homicides, violent crimes, disaster identification and even minor crimes. This course is designed as an introduction for the student who is interested in analysing biological evidence as it relates to legal and other investigations, or collecting and processing evidence at a crime scene or in a laboratory. Students will have an unequalled opportunity to interact with a range of National and International forensic experts, providing a sense of reality and authority that is unique. The Forensic Biology course provides a strong basis in modern forensic biology techniques. The multidisciplinary nature of forensics depends on the integration of scientific skills within a forensic context, and hence the course includes a wide spectrum of topics.


Location Dunedin, New Zealand
7 Jan 2019 - 21 Feb 2019
level Bachelor / Undergraduate
Credits 18.0 Local Credits
Program fee 4,680 NZD
Accommodation fee 2,475 NZD
Extra information about the fee:
Programs fee is an estimation. Accommodation is offered for students in UniCol, a residential college right on the campus. It costs NZ$55 per day.
Application deadline 31 October 2018
Entry requirements:
Students should have received any 54 points (local credits).

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