Columbia Summer Program in American Law

University of Amsterdam & Columbia University

For more than fifty years Columbia Law School has offered this Summer Program in American Law in collaboration with the law faculties of Amsterdam and Leiden Universities. The Program is held every summer, for the whole month of July, and alternates each year between Amsterdam and Leiden. This year the Program will be held in Amsterdam.

Recent students - and students from many years past - have given overwhelmingly enthusiastic evaluations of the Program. Former students - who are now distinguished judges, political leaders, senior attorneys, business executives, and law professors - participate in great numbers in formal Program reunions and in smaller informal reunions in many countries.

The program is entirely taught by Columbia professors, and is designed to provide a general introduction to the American legal system for lawyers and other (legal) professionals, or (graduate) students interested in the program.

Besides the excellent educational aspects, the Columbia Summer Program is also known for its exceptional fine atmosphere amongst participants and professors from Columbia University. The bonds summer students form with professors are strengthened outside the classroom, through daily lunches at the university and social activities. Hans Smit established the program with this collegial atmosphere in mind.


Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
1 Jul 2019 - 26 Jul 2019
level Bachelor / Undergraduate
Credits 6.0 ECTS
Program fee 2,950 EUR
Accommodation fee Included in program fee
Application deadline 1 May 2019
Entry requirements None

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