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Exploration of the Turkish Art via Museums

Istanbul Aydın University

Istanbul, one of the oldest cities in the world, the city which located on two continents, the biggest city of Turkey. Also the new center of modern and contemporary art with its historical and cultural roots. In this beautiful city, we would like to show Anatolian Civilizations and Arts, Traditional and Contemporary Turkish Arts by visiting museums in an interactive manner. Within the two weeks, students will learn quite a few information about Anatolian and Turkish art by presentations in classrooms then they will prove this information in museums experimentally. The Course contain Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian arts, traditional arts; calligraphy, miniature, tiles, the best works of contemporary Turkish artists and many more. The museums that will be visited are Istanbul Archeological Museums, Topkapı Museum, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Pera Museum, Proje 4L Museum and Istanbul Modern Museum. Within two weeks, participants will visit the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Pera Museum, Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum and many more to learn about the contemporary Turkish Art. Students will analyze selected museum Works throughout the course duration.

Location Istanbul, Turkey
13 Jan 2019 - 25 Jan 2019
level Bachelor / Undergraduate
Credits 3.0 ECTS
Program fee 750 USD
Accommodation fee Included in program fee
Extra information about the fee:
If you apply before 1 November 2018, the discounted fee is $ 690.
Application deadline 1 December 2018
Entry requirements None
Contact information:
Phone: +90 444 1 428 Ext.14910