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This program was offered in the past. This program might be offered again, but to be certain contact the organizing institution of this program. For current programs view all programs, or see the current offer by Meiji University.

Japanese Language Program

Meiji University

Following up on it 2018 Summer program, the Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center will offer a short term Japanese Language Program in Winter 2019. The program cultivates study of Japanese language, culture and society from various aspects. Highly motivated participants can expect Meiji University’s up-to-date educational, media and support facilities to meet their every need. Japanese students will support your study of Japanese and join various events with you. Why not come to central Tokyo and Meiji University to learn “living” Japanese and Japanese culture? Get ready for the exciting new experience that awaits you!

Location Tokyo, Japan
4 Feb 2019 - 21 Feb 2019
level Bachelor / Undergraduate
Credits None
Program fee 81,000 JPY
Accommodation fee 87,000 JPY
Application deadline 11 October 2018
Entry requirements None
Contact information: