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Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program: Scaling Your Business

University of Pennsylvania

Online program

Entrepreneurship Is about creating value. How that’s defined Is up to You. Being an entrepreneur is about taking initiative and starting something new, regardless of its structure or profit orientation. The Wharton difference lies in our ability to help people scale their ideas. We take a data-driven approach, drawing from research on how entrepreneurs grow and scale to reach their goals —whatever those might be.

During this program, you will:

  • Learn how to analyze the options for financing your startup
  • Discover how to ramp up sales and scale your business
  • Perform a needs assessment for building the right team
  • Choose the best pricing and distribution strategies for your business
  • Assess what "financial sustainability" means for you
  • Master the pitch to prospective investors, advisors, and mentors
15 Nov 2018 - 13 Feb 2019
level Professional
Credits None
Program fee 2,600 USD
Accommodation Not offered
Application deadline 14 November 2018
Entry requirements None
Contact information:
Phone (worldwide):
+1 315-982-5094
+1 315-277-2746