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This program was offered in the past. This program might be offered again, but to be certain contact the organizing institution of this program. For current programs view all programs, or see the current offer by Université Grenoble Alpes.

Mountains on the Move

Université Grenoble Alpes

This program was formerly known as Of Mountains and Men in a Changing World.

This innovative program brings an interdisciplinary approach to the complex question of how climate change in mountainous regions affects both humans and nature. Combining methods and knowledge from the sciences, the humanities, and social sciences, this program welcomes students from all disciplines seeking novel, interdisciplinary approaches to complex questions.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students will develop an understanding of how mountains are built, learn about alpine environmental degradation, and explore how nature and humans adapt together to changing circumstances. Current research on glaciology, landslides and new economic models will be at the center of discussions to provide a transdisciplinary perspective of the challenges faced by nature and humans.

The program will introduce students to:

  • Historical transformation from pastoral activity to tourism
  • Local economic development
  • Protection and development of special mountain resources
  • Urbanism and Arts
  • Special adaptation of alpine fauna and fora
  • Dynamic processes
  • Alpine geology and Tectonics
  • Landslides
Location Grenoble, France
17 Jun 2019 - 28 Jun 2019
level Bachelor / Undergraduate
Credits None
Program fee 1,500 EUR
Accommodation fee Included in program fee
Extra information about the fee:
Students may choose to follow this as a one-week program for € 750 from 17-21 June.
A non-refundable deposit of €500 is required by 15 April 2019 to reserve a place.
Application deadline 15 April 2019
Entry requirements:
Participants should be in good physical condition and should bring warm clothing for field trips to the mountains which involve hiking and altitude up to 2000m.
Contact information: