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Evaluating Future Health Technologies

University of Twente

Health technologies are intended to improve the quality of healthcare delivered through earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatment options, reduction in hospital stays and rehabilitation duration. New medical technologies keep emerging, but healthcare costs are rising. Even though a new technology seem to be very promising, only a limited amount of health technologies will in the end be used in clinical practice. To make wise choices on the development of new technologies in healthcare, early health technology assessments to evaluate the potential cost-effectiveness of such new devices is necessary.

In this course we will evaluate several newly developed technologies within the MIRA research institute for biomedical technology and technical medicine at the University of Twente. The technologies that will be assessed during this week are photoacoustic mammography (PAM) for breast cancer detection, the LOPES robot that provides walking support and a microbiology technique that helps in the early detection of cancer.

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Location Enschede, Netherlands
11 Aug 2019 - 20 Aug 2019
Levels Bachelor / Undergraduate
Master / Graduate
Credits 2.0 ECTS
Program fee 750 EUR
Accommodation fee Included in program fee
Extra information about the fee:
The fee varies from 675 euros (early bird) to 875 euros including a tent to sleep in
Application deadline 9 August 2019
Entry requirements None
Contact information: