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The best chocolate in the world. No, that cannot be a reason to study in Belgium. Or can it? International students report that Belgium provides quality higher education in Europe. Out of more than 7,000 students who shared reviews about European higher education, 256 students commented on their experience of what it was like to study in Belgium, giving the country an overall score of 8.6 out of 10.

Seven universities in Belgium received an award of international student satisfaction. Five were considered “excellent”, receiving a rating of 9 out of 10, while two other universities in Belgium were rated “very good”.  AP Hogeschool Antwerpen was ranked highest, followed by the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp and Université Catholique de Louvain. 

Belgium is not a common country. It is divided in a French speaking part in the South and Flemish speaking part in the North. Flemish is much like Dutch, bur it sounds softer, more literary.

Most student reviews of studying in Belgium focus on the topic of city life and culture in the country, which is seen as very positive. The quality of city life is more appreciated by international students in Belgium than in many other European destinations. The social life and international atmosphere supported by the three national languages (French, Dutch and German) as well as English play a very important role in terms of student satisfaction.

The accepting, tolerant population is one of the main reasons large numbers of international students recommend the option to study in Belgium. Belgian cities provide many cultural attractions, as well as places of entertainment and a vibrant nightlife. Students find it easy to travel around the country or reach other important European cities.

A student from Austria wrote about Antwerp: “The city is the greatest place for students! It's small enough to go around by bike and big enough to find everything you need. You have lots of culture there: The Plantin Moretus Museum, the Rubenshuis, the Mayer van de Bergh Museum, Fashion Museum, the MAS Photo Museum, and so on. In summer, you have the summer of Antwerp with open-air cinemas, concerts, readings, summer bars and festivals! You can go shopping there – it's a fashion city with all the big names! Enough to do. I was never bored in the eight months I stayed there. They also have many pubs and so much excellent beer and chocolate. It's amazing!”

A significant number of those reviewing the experience of studying in Belgium are also satisfied with the diverse international study programs offered at Belgian universities, and the quality of courses is rated around the European average. Students mention that the open attitudes of the teachers, as well as excellent facilities and courses, have helped their personal and professional development.

So if you come to Belgium for a summer or a winter, you won’t regret it.


Greeting: Dag or bonjour, depending on the part of the country you are in.

Characteristics: chocolate, beer, café’s, Jacques Brel, the European Union, art nouveau