Information for Institutions

Through Short Term Programs you can promote your programs targeted at an international audience, aiming to provide students all over the world with an overview of your programs. Our search engine and filtering options provide students with the tools necessary to find their desired program or programs.

Listing of programs

The listing of programs is entirely based on user’s input. Our search algorithm will show the best results on top. If no keywords are entered and no filters or sorting options are applied, programs with the closest start date will appear on top. There are no ‘premium listings’ or other factors that influence search results or listing order.

Always up to date

Only confirmed programs are shown on this website. There are no pages with programs that are not offered, nor pages with programs that are expected to be offered the next year. Furthermore, once a program has finished it moves to the archive. Students using our search option will no longer find the program in the list of 'active' programs.

Because we use a custom search engine, our search index is updated with any change that you make to your program, be it the title, text or any of the details, we are always up to date.

How it works

Displaying your programs on Short Term Programs is easy. You create an account and fill out the information for your program and save it. Once you have saved all the programs you would like to show on Short Term Programs you submit them for publication. We will then check them for errors and publish them.

The conditions for a program are:

  • Maximum duration: 1 semester
  • Program is open to international students
  • Fixed start and end dates

Control over the information

Whether your programs are already published or still saved as a draft version, you will always have full control over the information that is displayed on Short Term Programs. Whenever you want to change something, simply edit the program. Your edits are processed immediately, meaning the new information will show on the program page and the search index is updated, making it possible for students to find your program when they search for this new information.


Publishing a program is done for a fixed rate of €50 per program. Programs are published until the end date of the program; after which they can be found in the archive. Published programs include a link to your website where students can register for the program. 

You can of course also contact us if you have questions. We will be happy to help you.

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