Housing – Finding a place to stay

On a program page, in the details, you will see ‘accommodation fee’ with either a price or the message it’s included in the program fee or not offered at all. When accommodation is not offered, it means the institution responsible for the program will not provide housing. This means you will have to find a place yourself. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Ask the organizing institution for advice

Even though they don’t provide housing themselves, they might able to tell you about possibilities in their city. In some cases, institutions make arrangements with local agencies to help with accommodation. In other cases, you could get a discount code through the university for hotels, B&Bs, hostels etc…

Room rental websites

There are numerous websites that offer solutions for students who are looking for a room such as Housing Anywhere, University Rooms, Easy Roommate, Roomster and Uniplaces (only in Europe).


Stay with a family while being in a new city. Websites you can use to find a host are AirBnB (can also be used to rent entire apartments), HomeStayIn, Servas and Homestay.


There are many groups on Facebook where people offer their room for rent for a short period. Search for words like ‘rent’, ‘room’ and the city you are going to stay in to find the right groups. Be aware of scams, because people could use fake profiles.

Tourist accommodation

If all else fails you can always stay in a hotel, hostel or B&B. These options are usually much pricier though.