flag of Czechia Czechia

The international name of this country is Czechia, but most people know it as Czech Republic. And when you say Czech Republic, you say Prague, but there is much more to discover. Did you know that the bohemian life style came original from Bohemia for example? You will find centuries of history in the Czech Republic, also of course  the sad story of the holocaust Don’t forget to visit the magnificent synagogues in Prague in varied building styles, read Milan Kundera and eat knedličky (noodles) and svičková na smetané (beaf with sour cream and cranberry’s), and have a pivo (bear) with it. 

The Czech Republic, a small country in the heart of Europe, is very much aware that international co-operation in science and innovation is a precondition of a long-term success in the globalized world. Higher education in the Czech Republic enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality. This quality is safeguarded by a national system of regulation and quality assurance. The emphasis on education is understandable because it has always played a key role in the life of the Czech people. It was in Prague, in the year 1348, where the first university in Central Europe was founded. Czech universities and high schools provide a broad variety of high quality programs and training courses that cover many fields of knowledge and expertise, in English. 

Studying in the Czech Republic, at the place of cultural crossroads, is well suited to help develop an open mind and strengthen ability of every student to work together with other people of different backgrounds. Thus, it could also serve as a hub for further adaptation into the modern educational environment at both European and global level. The living standards in the Czech Republic are quite high while the costs of living remain reasonable. 


Greeting: dobrý den (goodday)