flag of Denmark Denmark

Denmark is a Scandinavian country that is famous for its viking history. The country is internationally oriented and has renowned universities. Many people can speak English and the whole country is very bicycle friendly. 


At studenterguiden you will find useful information in case no housing is provided through the university where wish to study. 


A 7-point grading system (called 7-trins-skala) is used in Denmark. 

GradeDescriptionUS Equivalent
12excellent high level of command of all aspects – no or only a few minor weaknessesA+, A 
10very good high level of command of most aspects – only minor weaknessesA- 
7good  good command – some weaknessesB+,B 
4fairsome command – some major weaknessesB- 
02adequatethe minimum requirements for acceptanceC
00inadequatedoes not meet the minimum requirements for acceptanceD
-3unacceptableunacceptable in all respectsF