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Denmark is a Scandinavian country that is famous for its viking history. The country is internationally oriented and has renowned universities. Many people can speak English and the whole country is very bicycle friendly. It is one of the happiest countries in the world, the much praised hygge is always nearby: a feeling of cosiness, companionship and satisfaction. Denmark is the land of design, perfectly preserved historical buildings, ultra-modern innovations, Hans Christian Andersen and of course lego. And let’s besides that not forget the famous Scandinavian introspection and gloominess. 

Denmark is located in northern Europe. It consists of the Jutland peninsula, the larger islands of Zealand, Funen, and Lolland-Falster and 429 other named islands between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, 72 of which are inhabited.

Nowhere in Denmark you are more than 50 km from the sea. And just a few kilometres from Denmark’s major cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen you’ll find idyllic villages and pristine woodlands and lakes. There are beaches where you can kitesurf and there is the Roskilde Festival, the biggest musical event in Northern Europa.

In Denmark, higher education is focused on bringing about solutions for the real-world. Thus, traditional lectures are combined with industrial collaborations and teaching methods that promote students' ability to use what they have learned and to turn new knowledge into innovative solutions. This way of studying requires a high degree of personal initiative and independent thinking. So, for some studying in Denmark can be challenging and different from what they are used to. But it will inspire you and help you succeed in whatever you decide to do in life.

As an international student in Denmark you can expect world-class education in areas such as engineering, life sciences, social sciences and IT. You will also be studying in a safe, friendly and innovation-driven environment.

What to eat and drink in Denmark: smørrebrød ( a kind of bread), sild (salted hearing) , wienerbrød (sweet bread), øl (beer), akvavit (strong booze). And afterwards you call out: Det var hyggeligt (that was cosy!)


At studenterguiden you will find useful information in case no housing is provided through the university where wish to study. 


A 7-point grading system (called 7-trins-skala) is used in Denmark. 

GradeDescriptionUS Equivalent
12excellent high level of command of all aspects – no or only a few minor weaknessesA+, A 
10very good high level of command of most aspects – only minor weaknessesA- 
7good  good command – some weaknessesB+,B 
4fairsome command – some major weaknessesB- 
02adequatethe minimum requirements for acceptanceC
00inadequatedoes not meet the minimum requirements for acceptanceD
-3unacceptableunacceptable in all respectsF