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Business Management

Centria University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to Kokkola! Centria University of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary, dynamic and international higher education institution. We pride ourselves with offering students and staff an environment that is innovative, caring and multicultural. Centria offers student centred teaching with ple... read more

Programming in Java

Technical University of Berlin

In this course you learn first the basic knowledge of computer programming and then how to write computer programs using the programming language Java. You will be working at the computer. There will be some assignments which will give you more understanding of the programming concepts. Target grou... read more

The Berlin Wall and Cold War Era

Humboldt University of Berlin

For almost 30 years, the Berlin Wall was a symbol of the division of the city of Berlin, of Germany and of Europe during the era of the Cold War between the two superpowers, the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Consequently, the fall of the Wall in 1989 was a hugely symbolic turning po... read more

Japanese Language Program

Meiji University

Following up on it summer 2019 program, the Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center will offer a short-term Japanese Language Program in winter 2020. The program cultivates study of Japanese language, culture and society from various aspects. Highly motivated participants can expect Meij... read more

Contemporary Approaches to Genetic Resources Conservation and Use

Wageningen University and Research

Large-scale production and marketing of agricultural crops depend on a limited number of genetically uniform varieties that deliver uniform food products. With this approach becoming global, genetic diversity is endangered. Worldwide, strategies are developed to conserve genetic resources. This cour... read more

Innovation in Medicine

University of Groningen

After a highly successful run in 2018, the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the University Medical Center Groningen is delighted to be organising the fourth Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine (IPIM) Summer School in August 2019. The IPIM Summer School takes place in Groningen, the... read more

Public Philosophy and Social Ontology

University of Groningen

How do people live together? And how should they live together? Answering these questions requires a conception of society, and of the role that social practices, institutions and organizations play in it. But what are these social structures? What are their functions? And how can they contribute to... read more

Certificate in International Tourism Management "French art de vivre in the Rhône Valley"

Université Grenoble Alpes

A one-semester program, after which you will be able to manage general skills (Tourism finance management, web marketing, processing of statistical surveys, French as a foreign language), but also specialised skills, such as oenology, (wine tasting and marketing), gastronomy, event planning. What... read more

Advanced Soil Physics

Aarhus University

The course is designed to give the student an in-depth understanding of the soil as a three-phase system (solid, liquid, gas). A basic knowledge of soil science and physics as a discipline is assumed. On this basis, the aim is to provide a quantitative description of soil architecture and the physic... read more

Data-Driven Prevention Policy in Public Health

University of Groningen

Ready for the public health challenges of the future? Do you want to learn the value of observational data for public health policy during hands on research sessions? Interested to learn this from public health experts from three different countries? Then do not hesitate and apply for this unique in... read more

Beyond Horizons

University of Groningen

This summer school will examine the function and meaning of cultural transfer of new narratives written by minorities and migrants. We will also study their works as important tools in building sustainable societies. The concept of cultural transfer as well as the various definitions of ‘minoriti... read more

Exploring Entrepreneurship

University of Groningen

Entrepreneurship can contribute to solving the big challenges of our time. Important challenges such as affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and responsible consumption and production may benefit from entrepreneurs starting initiatives that tackle these issues. In this... read more

Hands-on advanced methods and techniques in plant science and biotechnology

Aarhus University

The Danish and global plant production is facing major challenges. The rapid population growth, the increased consumption of animal products and the use of crops for energy purposes demand an increased production. In addition, climate change is expected to have pronounced effects on plant production... read more

Genetic Engineering using CRISPR/Cas

Aarhus University

Genetic engineering is becoming a cornerstone method in molecular and cellular biology, biotechnology, biomedicine, and soon in the Hospital setting to treat genetic diseases and to genetically manipulate cells, e.g. immune cells, to endow them with better properties. This summer course will introdu... read more


Aarhus University

Immunotherapy has gained clinical importance in recent years, primarily as a result of advancement in cancer treatment and modulation of inflammatory diseases. This course will bring you up-to-date with immunotherapy from basic principles to modern treatments including personalized medicine. We will... read more

Risk Assessment in Xenobiotics

Aarhus University

They are all over the place! Here, there and everywhere you will find chemicals. Outside your doorstep, in the deepest oceans, in isolated arctic seabirds you can find manmade chemicals. No wonder, as the annual global sales value of chemicals now exceeds 3,500,000,000,000 €. Add to that, pharmaceut... read more

Wind Power Summer School - In Cooperation with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S & Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Aarhus University

Are you interested in getting an insight into the latest developments in wind power along with other international and Danish students during your summer vacation? In close cooperation with representatives from the wind turbine industry in Denmark, Aarhus University School of Engineering offers a... read more

Advanced Water Cycle Management

Aarhus University

The Advanced Water Cycle Management Course is an international course designed to upgrade your water management skills and provide you with an overview on and substantial knowledge of water resource management, water distribution and wastewater handling including resource recover... read more

The intensive 2-week Shanghai Summer School

Donghua University & Shanghai Summer School

Shanghai Summer School’s intensive program is designed for those who don’t take compromises. Even if it means they have to push themselves further and harder. This intensive programme is meant for those who want to have a summer they will never forget, but only have two-weeks to spare. The intens... read more

Clinical Global Infectious Disease

Aarhus University

Infectious diseases are easily spread between countries and continents, and infections like Ebola, MERS and Zika show that surveillance and control of epidemics is of international importance. The summer course in Clinical Global Infectious Diseases will give an introduction to major infectious dise... read more


Aarhus University

During the course, the student will be introduced to, and gain confidence with, the structure, principles and rules of the CISG and at the end of the course must be able to apply the CISG to concrete cases.  The whole convention and its rules will be examined and the interplay between the ge... read more

Civil Law in the Digital Single Market

Aarhus University

Digital technologies are changing our societies with a lot of benefits for our quality of life and economic growth. But all that glitters is not gold: New technologies present new challenges. The European Commission is working on their digital Single Market Strategy to foster the use and distributio... read more

Application of Synchrotron Radiation in Nanoscience

Aarhus University

The central paradigm in materials science is that a materials property is determined by the structure of the material. In other words, we have to understand the structure to understand the properties. X-ray scattering is one of the most powerful tools to study the atomic structure of matter at the n... read more