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Search for New Physics with Low-Energy Precision Tests

University of Groningen

The unexplained nature of dark matter and energy and the relative abundance of matter and antimatter are just two out of many reasons to expect physics beyond the Standard Model. In an attempt to resolve these issues, a variety of theoretical extensions to the Standard Model were developed. These extensions also predict new phenomena, such as the variation of fundamental constants and symmetry violation beyond allowed by the Standard Model. Sophisticated experiments are needed to detect these phenomena and thereby explore the physics beyond the Standard Model.

Low-energy precision tests are a very promising alternative to high energy accelerator research in this field. Using a combination of precision table-top experiments, electronic structure calculations and particle-physics theory, the understanding of the foundations of our universe can be tested at energies that effectively surpass those available at the largest particle accelerators. The search for new physics beyond the Standard Model using small-scale experiments is the topic of this summer school.

Leading experts will provide an overview of both experimental and theoretical aspects of this exciting field of research. Topics will include the status of the Standard Model and its extensions, parity violation, search for the electron electric dipole moment and for variation of the fundamental constants, methods to manipulate and control atoms, ions and molecules, and theoretical approaches. By bringing together enthusiastic scientists and students from different disciplines connected to the search for physics beyond the Standard Model, we hope to foster the development of this field and to encourage future collaborations.

Location Groningen, Netherlands
16 Jun 2019 - 22 Jun 2019
Levels Master / Graduate
Credits 1.0 ECTS
Program fee 750 EUR
Accommodation fee Included in program fee
Extra information about the fee:
housing included
Application deadline 1 April 2019
Entry requirements None
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