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Cultural Diversity: Theory and Practice (ONLINE COURSE)

Tilburg University

Online program

In this unique 2-week program you and a group of internationally-oriented students will examine cultural diversity from a psychological perspective, which includes theoretical insights as well as hands-on experiences (practice sessions and presentations). The course concluded with you conducting an interview with someone of another culture, and writing a report on your findings to show that you can effectively communicate about diversity-related topics.

During this interactive two-week course you will:

  • Acquire an overview of the current leading perspectives on cross-cultural similarities and differences, acculturation, and intercultural communication;
  • Assess and apply strategies useful for intercultural interaction in business and negotiations, and for effective intercultural communication;
  • Conduct a small-scale qualitative, culturally informed, psychological study on a topic of your choice;
  • Understand how methodological pitfalls and cognitive biases are relevant for cross-cultural interactions and intercultural communication in the multicultural workplace and other settings.
12 Jul 2021 - 23 Jul 2021
Levels Bachelor / Undergraduate
Master / Graduate
Credits 6.0 ECTS
Program fee 900 EUR
Accommodation Not offered
Extra information about the fee:
- 10% discount for current Tilburg University students*

- 10% discount for students from partner universities*

*Combining discounts is not possible
Application deadline 13 June 2021
Entry requirements:
For this course, please include the following documents with your application:

- CV;
- Motivation letter describing why you would like to participate in the course.

Admission to this course will be based on both your CV and motivation letter.
Contact information: