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Advanced Soil Physics

Aarhus University

The course is designed to give the student an in-depth understanding of the soil as a three-phase system (solid, liquid, gas). A basic knowledge of soil science and physics as a discipline is assumed. On this basis, the aim is to provide a quantitative description of soil architecture and the physical processes in the soil pore system. The course will give a fundamental understanding of the methods used to describe soil properties and soil physical processes including those responsible for transport and leaching from the vadose zone to ground water and/or the aquatic environment.

The course is an off-campus course and held at Aarhus University Foulum, Blichers Allé 20, DK-8830 Tjele.

AU Foulum is part of Aarhus University and is home to most of the university’s research in food and agriculture. Research areas include plants, animals, food, organic farming, bioenergy, environment, climate, soil, genetics and technology.

It is your own responsibility to arrange accommodation in Viborg. We recommend that you book a room close to the city center.

Location Aarhus, Denmark
19 Aug 2019 - 25 Aug 2019
level Master / Graduate
Credits 5.0 ECTS
Program fee 138 EUR
Accommodation fee 490 EUR
Extra information about the fee:
Course Fee

Exchange students: No Fee

Freemovers, EU/EEA: 138 EUR

Freemovers, NON-EU/EEA: 1159 EUR

Additional Fee*

Master students: 200 EUR

PhD students and others: 700 EUR

We provide you with coffee/the, fruit and cake during each course day.
Lunch is on your own (except on the excursion day; Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August)
Dinner is included, (except Sunday 26th)
*Additional fee:

To cover the expenses for the above mentioned services, there will be an additional fee of:

200€ for Master-students
700€ for PhD students and others
Application deadline 1 April 2019
Entry requirements:
Course Specific:

A relevant bachelor's degree within Science and Technology.


Exchange students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Langauge proficiency

You can read more about admission here:
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