Programs in Bordeaux

ECNP Immuno-NeuroPsychiatry

University of Bordeaux

This interdisciplinary summer school is open to graduate students, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, biology and medicine. The three-day course combines lectures and practical workshops on dimensional approaches in psychiatry, preclinical models and me... read more

Advanced materials for energy storage and conversion

University of Bordeaux

Research in the field of renewable energies has greatly intensified due to decreasing fossil energy resources and an increase in greenhouse gas concentration (in particular carbon dioxide). Throughout this summer school, the problems linked to the collection of renewable energies (photovoltaic, win... read more

Introduction to experimental neuroscience

University of Bordeaux

This summer school offers participants the unique opportunity to discover neuroscience research with hands-on experiments and practical sessions. Students from various disciplines with little to no experience in the field will be welcomed to the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, a high-end facility... read more

Wine and sake: the cutting-edge of oenology and sakeology

University of Bordeaux & Niigata University

This summer school is organized within the framework of bilateral collaborations between the University of Bordeaux and the University of Niigata (Japan). Promoting joint scientific activities in sakeology and oenology, it is open to graduate students, doctoral students, researchers and professional... read more