flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands

Also known as Holland, the Netherlands is located in the North-West of Europe. There are 13 research universities and 36 public universities of applied sciences (in Dutch called hogescholen), which focus more on professional education. 

The country is known for its high quality of education and is the home of many international students. In 2018 122 thousand international students were studying here. 

On average, over 10% of all enrolled students are international. The fact that 90% of the population speaks English makes it really easy to communicate with the locals.

Biking in Amsterdam


The Netherlands is part of the Schengen Area. You may need a visa, depending where you are from and how long you are intending to stay. On this page of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can check if you need one. 


In the Netherlands a ten-point system is used. A grade of 10 is the highest while a 1 is the lowest. The minimum grade to pass is 5.5.