The Netherlands

Also known as Holland, the Netherlands is located in the North-West of Europe. There are 13 research universities and 36 public universities of applied sciences (in Dutch: hogescholen), which are focused more on professional education. The country is known for its high quality of education and is the home of many international students. In 2018 122 thousand international students were studying here. On average, over 10% of all enrolled students are international.[FN] The fact that 90% of the population speaks English[FN] makes it really easy to communicate with the locals.

Upcoming programs in the Netherlands

Sustainable Finance

Erasmus University Rotterdam

How can the financial sector contribute, or even speed up, businesses’ transition to long-term value creation within a sustainable economy? If it means combining financial, social and environmental values, what pathways and challenges are there for sustainable investing and lending? Long-term val... read more

Society, Environment, Transportation and Space (SETS)

University of Groningen

Summer School "Society, Environment, Transportation and Space: The Dutch Experience" (SETS) is a summer course offered each year in June by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). The course is open for students from partner universities of the University... read more

Introduction to Sexuality Studies

University of Amsterdam

In this summer school, we will study how these concepts impact our relationships within society, and the different theoretical perspectives that have been developed to study their role in social and familial relationships. Students will be equipped with analytical tools to study these themes cr... read more

Religious Heritage in a Diverse Europe

University of Groningen

The Centre for Religion and Heritage at the University of Groningen invites advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students to explore a new domain of inquiry in the study of religion, namely religious heritage. This summer school of Groningen’s Centre for Religion and Heritage will intro... read more

Search for New Physics with Low-Energy Precision Tests

University of Groningen

The unexplained nature of dark matter and energy and the relative abundance of matter and antimatter are just two out of many reasons to expect physics beyond the Standard Model. In an attempt to resolve these issues, a variety of theoretical extensions to the Standard Model were developed. These ex... read more


University of Groningen

Fundamentals of Biobanking and Cohort Research Please join us for the sixth UMCG summer school exploring the fundamentals of biobanking and cohort research. Biobank research involves the use of systematic collections of human biomaterials and related data, in population-based or clinical inves... read more