flag of South Korea South Korea

Did you ever think of South Korea as a country to study? Maybe you will be surprised to read that it is, next to Japan, the most modern country in the far East, with many scientific breakthroughs, gadgets and gizmos. And the cuisine! The Korean cuisine has spread over the whole world during the last years, due to its various delicious food, like kimchi. You can find local restaurants everywhere with high standard food. Most restaurants are open until late and they offer a free delivery service. If you have a really busy day or want to eat quickly, you can find amazing pre-made food in convenience stores that are open 24-hours a day.

Typical for Korea is its mix of traditional and modern styles. Visit old-established ancient palaces or get stunned by the many majestic skyscrapers in the inner cities. Also, there are lots of unknown and charming islands along the coast that you can visit, or climb one of the numerous mountains in order to challenge yourself. The university areas in all the cities are bustling with life. They are filled with restaurants, bars and clubs. Students hang out in these areas until the sun goes up again. Most of the universities have campus festivals twice a year.

As a temporary student, you will meet people from all around the world, you will find new international and Korean friends for life and learn the Korean language at the same time. The local university students in South Korea are open-minded and often willing to share their customs with exchange students. If you join one of the many activities arranged by the university, then it will be easier to get to know the local students. South Korea is the perfect study destination if you are keen to experience a unique culture and country.

Characteristics: Korean barbecue, taekwondo, K-pop, ginseng, kimchi, warm wells, high-tech

Good to know: South Korea has an entire holiday devoted to the national script: Hangeul-day, celebrated on October 9th.