Programs in Amsterdam

Decolonizing Europe: History, Memory, Redress (with Brown University)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Brown University

Decolonizing Europe Deepen your understanding of decolonization histories, legacies of colonialism and racism; gain new insights into how European societies grapple with their histories of genocide and their colonial pasts, as well as the significance of this past for the contemporary world. The co... read more

Business of Sport Events and Music Festivals

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Get empowered to chase a future career in Sport Events and/or Music Festivals. This summer course will bring you up to speed with trends and developments. Your team of dedicated lecturers will equip you with knowledge, insights and skills and introduce you to experts from their network. Visits and a... read more

Capital Game concepts

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

With billions of players worldwide, video and board games have conquered the planet. At the heart of their success is the art of game design: the discipline of creating engaging systems and immersive challenges appealing to the imagination. Whether you want to flesh out your ideas or are just looki... read more

Digital Brand Engagement

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Consumers have more control over social media channels than over any other channel which means that brands really need to become more agile with their digital brand engagement practices. However, it is not always clear how customer engagement can be nurtured and measured. The course offers you the... read more

Educating Amsterdam : diversity and the city

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Ever wanted to dive deeper into and learn more about the diverse city of Amsterdam? This course enables you to discover Amsterdam, past and present, in the context of other European cities. Plus, you will improve your English-language proficiency as well! Special attention will be paid to present-da... read more

European Business Skills

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

You will be equipped with cultural, legal and political insight and knowledge of the EU. You will be provided with "do's and don'ts" to strengthen your position in negotiations, to communicate effectively across cultures, and to make sound business decisions. And be empowered to use the opportunitie... read more