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Introduction to experimental neuroscience

University of Bordeaux

This Bordeaux Summer School offers participants the unique opportunity to discover methods and concepts in neuroscience research through hands-on training within the premises of the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience.

Graduate and doctoral students from various disciplines will follow case-based teaching by taking part in mini-projects supervised by experienced doctoral students and international experts in neuroscience, covering questions and techniques used in modern neuroscience research laboratories. Topics covered will include:

  • Cell biology and imaging
  • Molecular and cellular biology, transcriptomics
  • In vivo surgery, gene transfer
  • Anatomy, brain clearing, connectomics and electron microscopy
  • In vitro electrophysiology and optogenetics
  • In vivo electrophysiology and imaging
  • Behavior
  • Human neuroscience
  • Neurocomputation

Upon completion, this project-based summer school will allow participants to:

  • Better understand basic experimental approaches in neuroscience research
  • Directly perform the experiments
  • Strengthen their international scientific network
Location Bordeaux, France
18 Jul 2022 - 30 Jul 2022
Levels Master / Graduate
Credits None
Program fee 1,500 EUR
Accommodation fee Included in program fee
Extra information about the fee:
Participation fee:
› Free of charge for students from the University of Bordeaux
› 1,500€ for other participants (including weekday lunches, coffee breaks, accommodation and social program costs)
Application deadline 20 April 2022
Entry requirements:
The course is designed for graduate and doctoral students from various disciplines (biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, psychology, medicine, pharmacy, etc.).

Language requirements: classes are conducted in English or French, depending on the public. Candidates should have a B2 level of English or equivalent.

Candidates must provide a CV and cover letter.
Contact information:
For any enquires about this Bordeaux Summer School, please contact: