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Philosophy in biology and medicine

University of Bordeaux

PhilInBioMed is both an interdisciplinary institute located at the University of Bordeaux and an international network connecting groups and people working at the interface between philosophy, biology, and medicine, with the shared conviction that conceptual and philosophical approaches can make a critical contribution to science and medicine.

Between June 12th and 16th 2023, PhilInBioMed is organising an interdisciplinary Bordeaux Summer School dedicated to "Philosophy in biology and medicine". For this, 20 young scholars (PhD students and post-docs) from the fields of philosophy of science, the life sciences, and medicine will come together and learn to use interdisciplinary methods to address conceptual issues in scientific research.

Course leaders will be present to highlight practical examples of interdisciplinary partnerships from their career, and to advise and interact with participants throughout the week. The programme will also include different formats such as group work, 'speed dating', and individual discussions, designed to further interactions between participants and course leaders.

Location Bordeaux, France
12 Jun 2023 - 16 Jun 2023
Levels Master / Graduate
Credits None
Program fee 500 EUR
Accommodation fee Included in program fee
Extra information about the fee:
› 500€ for Master and doctoral students (including lunches, coffee breaks, accommodation and social programme costs)
› 700€ for post-doctoral fellows (including lunches, coffee breaks, accommodation and social programme costs)

Grants: qualified individuals can be exempted from the fee and in some cases the organisers can grant financial support for travel, provided that no other means of funding exist. To apply for an exemption or financial support, participants should send a letter of motivation along with their application, detailing why they would like to participate and why they would like to be exempted from the fee or obtain financial support.
Application deadline 11 April 2023
Entry requirements:
The summer school is designed for Master students, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows from the fields of philosophy of science, life sciences, and medicine.

Language requirements: classes are conducted in English. Candidates should have a B2 level of English or equivalent.

Candidates must provide a short CV (2 pages maximum), and an abstract (1,500 words maximum) of your research project, detailing the project's connection to both philosophy and the biological and/or medical sciences.
Contact information:
For any enquires about this Bordeaux Summer School, please contact: